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Pro Rodeo Wrestling 5

Saddle up for Pro Rodeo 5 with two of our most proficient pro fighters. It’s a rollicking ring match with all the elements you crave, with the added touch of a bull rope to satisfy your every dirty bondage fantasy!

If you don’t know Matt Maverick by now, it’s time you met the master. This Steve Reeves gladiator type goes head-to-head with hunky farmhand Nick Blackwell, who loves a good ol’ fashioned rodeo match. Each man is so perfectly proportioned and so flawlessly attractive, it’s almost impossible to avoid thoughts of a hot sexual rope fantasy taking place after the battle. Even the way they stare each other down with aggression and grit has us hardening up and leaning way in.

All too soon the gladiator is being dragged around the ring like a baby calf. It’s a bit like going down on the farm and watching a pair of shiny cowboys settling a disagreement in a barn with ass-humping skill and determination. The sight of a mammoth man like Maverick being bested is a site rarely seen. Blackwell takes advantage of Maverick’s inability to move by throwing his own muscular frame on top of him in a humiliating position that can only get your own personal fuckcannon revved up that much more!

Blackwell gets that rope around his neck, and Maverick grinds him into the mat, but Blackwell has experience on his side, entangling Maverick and hurling him into the turnbuckles. Soon Blackwell is whacking Maverick in the head like a punk kid, and crushing him with his impressive body again and again.

But Maverick has other ideas, as he clamps that damn rope over Blackwell’s neck, pinning him hard against the mat until the long-haired farmhand is gasping for air, then whipping his challenger’s belly with the blunt end of the bull rope until it turns pink!

It’s a combination of hard-hitting fists, boots, insults, and so much more, in this tangle of rope so entrapping you’ll feel like a fly in a spider’s web.



FULL CAST LIST: Matt Maverick, Nick Blackwell
STUDIO: Cyberfights Wrestling Federation
DIRECTOR: Cameron Matthews
Pro Wrestling